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HKSS is an entertainment web site dedicated to fun, friendship, and Asian superstars of pop and cinema.
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A Little Introduction

Since its humble beginnings on September 23, 1996, HKSS evolved into an online community dedicated to Asian entertainment where visitors can share their passion for music, movies, and television in a fun, interactive environment.

Superstar: Hyori Lee

HKSS aims to be, with its unique blend of information and interactivity, the most informative source on the stars and superstars of Asian entertainment including, but not limited to, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean pop and cinema.

The site focuses on providing two areas for stimulating our brains:


Some of's proudest moments include:

the formation of strong friendships, including marriages, over the years
having been a positive influence on people's lives and helping them achieve their dreams
reaching over 30 million hits per month and be featured on television, online, and print media

You are invited to read more about HKSS by selecting one of the links to the right. You are also always welcome to send me a note through the Contact page. I read every single e-mail and try my best to respond to each one of them.

Welcome to HKSS and please enjoy your visit!

Michael Yuen Creator

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